Short cases are billed at the relevant WorkCover specialist item numbers for any significant pre-reading (item number 100805), the consultation (item number 100300), and the report (item numbers 100211 and 100802). Please see the WorkCover website for these fees - these items are indexed annually by WorkCover. Long cases are billed at an hourly rate aligned to WorkCover item number 100805, and these long cases typically require from four to eight hours work. If discussed, these fees can be negotiated.

Formal file reviews can be arranged at any time - no appointment is necessary. Simply send the file and your request letter to Independent Occupational Physicians. This service is also billed at an hourly rate aligned to WorkCover item number 100805. Unless the file is marked urgent, or it's very complex, then file reviews are usually completed within a week or two. 

If you are an individual patient seeking a specialist Occupational Physician assessment/report, then this will require a letter of referral from your treating General Practitioner, and this appointment will require special timetabling with Dr Goode and Dr McGrath. An initial consultation (alone) will cost $350.00, and this payment must be cleared by at least two weeks prior to the appointment. A small Medicare rebate (item number 385) may apply to the consultation. Any additional formal report must also be pre-paid before it's compiled, and these reports typically cost a minimum of $1000.00 (and there's no Medicare rebate for such a report). 

Any other special services will also require direct timetabling with Dr Goode and Dr McGrath.