Confirmation and conditions

Once an appointment has been made, the referrer will be emailed a confirmation letter, together with instructions for the examinee for forwarding on to them.

Any IME appointment is only made on the understanding that the referrer accepts responsibility for making this appoinment, and hence also any non-attendance or late cancellation fee (the latter is issued if cancelled within five business days of the appointment for a long case and three days for a short case). The non-attendance/late cancellation fee for a long case - to compensate for the requisite lengthy preparation and rooms costs - is $902.00 (inclusive of GST), and the fee for a short case is as per the WorkCover website (currently item number 100303 at $357.50).

If required, the referrer will neeed to arrange a Translator.

It's also understood that the referrer will provide a referral letter outlining the questions to be addressed, as well as any relevant background documentation. This documentation can be posted or emailed, but with the latter, please keep any single email to less than 8 meg in size.

The examinee is encouraged to attend alone, but a helper is encouraged if the examinee is very impaired and unable to relate their own history. No legal or industrial representatives are permitted in the consultation. No child care is provided. The examinee isn't permitted to record the consultation.