Independent Occupational Physicians Pty Ltd

Dr Steven J. Goode (Director)
MBBS (Honours second class); FAFOEM (RACP); CIME; MRO
Consultant Occupational Physician

All appointments and files:
c/- The Gateway Specialist Centre (combined with OzRadiology)
799 Old Cleveland Road
Carina QLD 4152
Ph: 07 3395 1082
email: drsgoode@optusnet.com.au

Dr Therese McGrath
MBBS (Honours second class); FAFOEM (RACP); CIME
Consultant Occupational Physician

All appointments:
Suite 8 Strathpine Specialist Centre
32 Dixon St
Strathpine QLD 4500
Ph. 04 1056 4272
email: tmcgrath7@optusnet.com.au

PO Box 312 Alderley QLD 4051

All account information for both Drs Goode and McGrath:
PO Box 7075 Holland Park East QLD 4121